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Shopping Basket Analysis

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Shopping Basket Analysis

Speaker: Saeid Yousefi, Senior BI Consultant

Summary: In shopping centers, recognizing products that sell together, is very important and valuable. This knowledge is used for a new arrangement of products in the shelf, in other words moving these items close to each other to drive sales; and also on online stores is used for intelligent recommendation of other products to customers which is called cross selling in marketing. Now in this example, I want to show the implementation of this data mining analysis for finding items which sell together, which is known as our Descriptive Goal. And creating a mechanism (Decision Support System) to recommend to customers automatically and intelligently, based on their purchase history and the purchase history of other people who bought the same items which is known as Predictive Goal in this scenario.

About Saeid: Saeid is Senior Business Intelligence Consultant, and delivered consulting in many large organizations such as banks and factories. He is Instructor of BI courses to near 1000 people so far in Sematec and Faratar az Danesh institutes. Saeid is also owner and founder of Kherdmand Business Intelligence System. See more information at


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