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Thu, Apr 20 2017 07:30 UTC

Database Life Cycle Management


Database Life Cycle Management

Abstract : One of the big headaches of developers is how to upgrade customers databases to the new version of developed database. How you can find out what the customer's database version is and what changes is needed to upgrade to the new version? Do you have a test process on your database code? Are you sure by applying changes on customer's application ,the other features don't affected and worked properly? Do you know how multiple developers can works on one database source? In this webinar,I'll show you all of them and talking about DLM with you.

I've been working with SQL Server for 14 years. Also with Delphi and C#.Net running some projects but my focus is on SQL Server and working with SQL Server from version 2000 till 2016. I've done consultant to large-scale organization including Airlines, Port and maritime organization(PMO) , News Agency and others in different domains such as Performance tuning , Database Security , SQL Server Monitoring, DLM , Integrations, HA and etc.

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